Vision, Mission & Corporate Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values is the compass of the company that contributes to the achievement of corporate goals and sustainable excellence, creating value for the company itself, for the shareholders, employees, but also for the entire Greek Economy.


Inspired and motivated by our Greek heritage, we lead our business to global success.


We operate in demanding local and international markets with inventiveness, effectiveness and respect for the environment and the society.

We rely on our workforce, creating value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the Greek Economy.


Effectiveness with Safety as a priority We face difficult challenges and we are committed to achieving our goals while always ensuring safety at work
Ceaseless effort for Competitiveness by our People Our effort to be competitive is ceaseless and it is based on the know-how, skills and dedication of our people as well as our continuous investment in adapting and updating our processes
Respect and important Role for every Employee We respect our employees, develop their skills, provide them with the communication and all the qualifications they may need to support their role, at all the levels of the Organisation
Two success factors: Teamwork and Excellence We achieve results that initially seem impossible, working as a team.
At the same time, however, we recognise excellence on an individual level and make the most of it
Continuous Improvement by All in Everything we do Continuous progress is an integral part of our role, alongside the execution of running projects. Our employees know their job well, have ideas on how to improve it and receive recognition when sound ideas are implemented.

Timeline History

The history of Metlen commences at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1908, the then small metallurgy industry MYTILINEOS operated in Piraeus as a rapidly growing family business. In 1990 the MYTILINEOS group is founded as an evolution of the old metallurgy family business and in 2017 it evolves into a new single business entity, MYTILINEOS.