Sustainable Finance

Metlen, in the coming years, will continue to deploy its business model, with focus on the mitigation of climate change and the energy transition. The Company will strength its presence in the renewable energy, with further implementation of a significant portfolio of over 2.5GW of RES projects, in Greece and abroad and will invest in the significant increase in the amount of secondary aluminium produced, and in the application of state-of-the-art technologies and the exploitation of digital industrial processes in production stages, to improve energy efficiency. In this context, the Company in order to facilitate transparency, to meet these ambitious commitments, and finance projects that will deliver benefits to support its Sustainable Development strategy, has elected to create a green bond framework the “Metlen Green Bond Framework”, under which it can issue Green Bond(s).

Under this framework, the eligible green projects of the Metlen are identified in accordance with the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) 2018 "Green Bond Principles". More specifically, these eligible green projects include the investments in / expenditures for the acquisition, conception, construction, development, and installation of renewable energy production units, investment in the manufacturing of recycled/secondary aluminium as well as investment in primary aluminium production. Metlen’s Green Bond Framework was reviewed by ISS ESG (Second Party Opinion Provider). Moreover, to enable investors and other stakeholders to follow the development of Metlen’s Green Bond issuance and to get insight into how the green bond proceeds are used, Metlen will provide an annual “Green Bond Allocation & Impact Report”.