Sustainable Development is a top priority for Metlen

Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Metlen expresses its continuous commitment to Sustainable Development. CSR is a multi-faceted and complex corporate practice, mainly characterized by the company’s conscious self-commitment to responsible entrepreneurship and continuous improvement.


Relationship of trust between the Company and the Investment Community

Investor Relations

The Athens Stock Exchange's announcements, the Quality Criteria of Publicity of the Stock Exchange Companies, and the existing legislation - in particular the Code of Ethics of the Stock Exchange Companies - as well as the need to create a two-way communication among the Stock Market Company and the Investors, the Supervising Authorities and all other interested and involved parties, lead to the creation of the Investor Relations Department of Metlen.

ΜΥΤΙΛ 35.78
7/16/2024 Capitalization 5112645740.58

Metlen Εnergy & Metals

Who We Are

Metlen Energy & Metals is a global industrial and energy company covering two business Sectors: Energy and Metallurgy. The Company is strategically positioned at the forefront of the energy transition as an integrated utility, while already established as a reference point for competitive green metallurgy at the European and global level.